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IQC The ISO Pros is an ISO consulting and training company in El Paso, Texas. Our company helps organizations in implementing and certifying ISO standards. If you want your organization to be ISO certified, this is the best place for you to be. So, contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

ISO standards are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits they bring along. Some expected benefits include better product and process quality, process efficiency, global recognition, etc. It’s the reason why organizations are opting for ISO standards.

One of the most common and essential ISO standards you should get certified for is ISO 45001. Do you know what this ISO standard is all about? If not, read along.

Before moving forward, let’s understand what ISO standards are and why they are so important.

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What are ISO standards, and why do you need them?

The international standardization organization creates frameworks or a set of rules or guidelines, which we call standards. These standards are set rules according to which an organization is supposed to perform or operate.  

These standards help organizations improve in one way or the other. Take ISO 45001, for example. This standard helps organizations implement an occupational health and safety management system for creating a safe work environment for the employees or workers.

Organizations across the globe face a rise in demand regardless of the domain. Sometimes, due to the vast size or poor management, the quality is compromised. And without a solid foundation, there’s no way you can pump the quality to where it should be.

This is when ISO standards come in handy. These standards bring along strict guidelines for you to follow. And when you implement those guidelines and apply for certification, you can demonstrate your excellence to the world.

What is ISO 45001

Every day thousands of workers across the globe lose their lives because of poor working conditions. The firm owners are very well aware of the risks, but no one is actually ready to do something. And this is why the ISO committee released ISO 45001.

These ISO standards hold the potential of saving millions of lives each year. It’s a framework using which you can make the work environment safe for your workers. With this standard in place, you can reduce injuries and save numerous lives each year.

It usually depends on what you presently know about the ISO standards and the management systems. If you look closely, the ISO 45001 shares the identical core text, definitions, and terms with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. So, in case you're already aware of the standards mentioned above, there won't be much for you to understand. You'll only have to fill in the gaps, which is quite an easy process. However, if you are entirely new, you need to know a lot of things.

An independent ISO standard like ISO 45001 can be quite complex. There are so many processes, guidelines, and clauses you need to read and go through. The best advice is to find a reliable training and ISO consulting company like IQC. The ISO Pros if you lack ample tie. We'll help you cut short the time required to understand the standard and certify for the same. So, call IQC The ISO Pros and get the best possible advice.

Many organizations and individuals consider these two standards as one. There may be some similarities, but these standards are different. Here are the common differences between these two standards: -

  • The OHSAS 18001, which is now defunct, only deals with occupational health and safety hazards and related issues. However, ISO 45001 focuses primarily on the interaction between the organization and the working environment.
  • The OHSAS 18001 was a procedure-based certification. But the ISO 45001 is a process-based certification. Rather than only focusing on the solution, ISO 45001 helps in finding the probable reason behind the problem.
  • The OHAS 18001 was not dynamic, which is why it wasn't much popular. Fortunately, ISO 45001 is dynamic. Apart from dealing with all the OH&S issues, this certification focuses on improving efficiency and making the work environment safe enough for the employees.
  • The OHSAS 18001 deals only with the occupational risk of any organization. However, ISO 45001 focuses on both opportunities and risks. And this helps not only in reducing the risks but also helps in improving the overall safety standards.
  • OHSAS 18001 never included the views of parties that were interested in any organization. However, ISO 45001:2018 considers all the aspects. It not only helps in engaging all parties but creates a better working environment too.

This again relies on what your needs are. Most organizations implement ISO45001 for installing an OH&S management system in their organization. However, if you want, you can get the certification for the extra benefits it brings along.

Although the implementation itself is enough, certification gives you the ability to demonstrate. The certification or the certificate acts as proof that your organization has successfully implemented all the guidelines. It also shows that you take care of your employees.

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Benefits of getting 45001 certified

The biggest problem businesses face these days is the rising competition. However, certifying for ISO 45001 can help you tackle that competition. If you certify for the latest version of ISO 45001, your organization will become internationally recognized.

Customers, stakeholders will see your organization as a caring, reliable, and responsible organization. This will act as an advantage and will give you an upper hand over the competitors. So, if you want this benefit, call IQC The ISO Pros now!

If your employees or workers don't trust you, your organization won't be successful for long. A worker that trusts you and looks forward to working for you is necessary for success. And this certification can help you achieve that.

If your organization gets ISO 45001 certified, your employees will trust you more. Your respect in the market will increase because of you being a responsible and caring owner. This will also help in increasing productivity in the organization. It's because your employees will feel safe and motivated and will want to work for your company.

The ISO 45001 helps in creating a system that follows the best business practices. It consistently helps in managing risks around the organization in every aspect. This helps in maintaining efficiency across the system as everything is organized and managed.

Insurance premiums are another extra financial burden when it comes to managing an organization. However, you can reduce or control this expense with ISO 45001. When you create a safe working environment for your employees, there won't be many accidents or mishappenings. And this automatically reduces or lowers the insurance premium that you'll have to pay.

Organizations internationally consider this standard as foundational in creating a safe working environment for employees at all levels. You can implement this standard and reduce the risk to your employee's lives. It can benefit them both mentally and physically.

This ISO standard makes sure that all the ownership is in the hands of safety management personnel or the people in top-level management. It is quite beneficial because when the top-level management is involved, the process can be understood and implemented better.

Also, it paves the way for regular improvement over time. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits, kindly contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

When you implement the ISO 45001 in your company, you can prevent the risks and can react before it's too late. It comes with an internal auditing system that provides you with an early warning. So, if you're aware of the potential safety threats beforehand, it'll become easy for you to manage those risks.

Every activity in your organization is somehow related to the revenue your organization generates. If there is less productivity, more injuries, you'll have to pay for more insurance premiums, and it'll lead to increased expenses. However, with ISO 45001, you can prevent this from happening.

As this standard can keep the premiums low and improve productivity, it can lower your expenditure. And this is directly going to help you increase the return on investments you make. If you want to improve the ROI, contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

Your organization's goodwill can be judged by the number of employees that your organization retains vs. the number of employees that leave you. And you can improve this rate by implementing ISO 45001. As this standard focuses on improving employees' safety, you can improve staff retention and turnover.


Aren’t the above benefits amazing? Well, if you think they are and want to enjoy them, start the ISO 45001 implementation process right now. If you don’t have ample knowledge, contact IQC The ISO Pros, and we’ll manage it all.

How can IQC The ISO Pros help you with easy implementation of ISO 45001

For any ISO standard certification, implementation is the first step. However, if you are not well prepared before starting the implementation, you can fail mid-way. So, here’s how IQC The ISO Pros are going to help you with the implantation:

Understanding OHSMS and ISO 45001

Before beginning the procedure, you should know what the standard is and how it can benefit you. You should also determine the requirements and changes that need to be incorporated within your organization for successful standard implementation. And this is what we’re going to help you with.

Examining the present working system  

Our professionals will help you examine the present system before beginning the implementation. Its because sometimes organizations have already established ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. And when these standards are already implemented, there’s usually not much left to do.

All you need to do is fill the gaps, and you’re good to go. It’ll help you save good time, resources, and money. It’s the reason why we’ll help you first examine the existing working system.

Stakeholder Interaction

Most organizations hastily make decisions and never interact with stakeholders and business partners before making changes. You should know that such standards can bring significant changes to your organizations. There can be conflicting ideas. And it’s the reason why it’s important to interact with everyone and listen to their views.

Our professionals will help you examine everything and draw a viable implementation plan on which everyone agrees. This will further help in easy implementation.

Definition of goals

Once we’re done taking the reviews and feedback of the stakeholders and business partners, IQC The ISO Pros will help you define the goals and priorities. It basically includes everything you want to achieve from this certification.

An action plan will be created wherein the entire team will be involved. These goals or priorities are set so that the organization can ensure regular improvement. If you set these goals, you’ll be able to track your organization’s progress or growth.

Why choose IQC The ISO Pros for getting certified for ISO 45001

ISO certification, be it any, requires expert supervision. Without proper guidance and resources, it can become quite cumbersome to achieve the certification. However, if you have some experts like IQC The ISO Pros, you can get that done without facing many problems.

Here is why people in El Paso, Texas come to us, and you should too: –

The main process involved in any ISO certification is the standard implementation. And if that's not done right, your organization will most certainly not certify. Our professionals know that every organization is different and requires a different approach. It's the reason why we follow a unique approach for every project.

We first analyze everything from beginning to end. This helps us understand everything and devise a better strategy. This unique approach has proved to be successful every time. It's the reason why we have the best success rate in the market.

Being up to date is quite essential when it comes to ISO standards. It's because ISO regularly updates the guidelines stated under the standard. And if you're not aware of the recent changes in the guidelines, you might miss important facts leading to failure. It's the reason why you should come to us.

All of our professionals read daily about ISO standards and recent updates & revisions. This helps us stay updated about the most recent upgrades and gives us an advantage over others. So, you can trust us and expect the best results.

ISO consulting, training and implementation don't come cheap. But it can be affordable. And this is what we focus on. We always try to keep the services fairly priced so that everyone can access them without disturbing their finances. Our services may not be available for the lowest price available, but it's still affordable.

Our professionals, apart from implementing the ISO guidelines, focus on training and consulting as well. We train the employees so that they can understand the procedure and become independent. Also, once the implementation is complete, we perform pre-assessment audits.

This helps us recheck everything from beginning to end. It's kind of a verification mechanism that helps us discover flaws if any.

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IQC The ISO Pros is an ISO consulting company you can rely on and trust. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations realize the importance of ISO standards. Also, our track record speaks on its own. So, if you want the best ISO consulting and implementation, contact IQC The ISO Pros now!